Green Tiger Markets (GTM) Launches Pilot for Philippines Energy Contracts


Press Release: Green Tiger Markets (GTM) today announced the launch of its pilot for its derivative marketplace platform. The pilot marketplace will allow business participants to buy and sell forward contracts for Philippines energy to hedge their price risk exposure in a simulated, “test trade” environment.

The business participants engaging in the pilot include electricity producers, distribution utilities, retail electricity suppliers, and other participants in the wholesale electricity market. GTM has onboarded 5 participants for the pilot, and is scheduled to add another 6 companies by the end of the month. These pilot participants represent, on a wholesale basis, approximately:

40% of the Philippines electricity generation capacity, and 65% of the Philippines electricity consumption. The GTM platform is built with the latest technology to provide light-weight, flexible solutions that fit the specific needs of each product and market. This platform was designed to support GTM’s mission of bringing the benefits of an open derivatives marketplace to underserved markets and products. This configurable design allows the market participants to add new functionality and services over time as the market matures.

“Our product design approach is about offering best in class tools for risk management in a configurable format that supports the lifecycle of a commodity - from a new product in an underserved market to a well-established product and market,” says Carlos Korten, President of Green Tiger Markets.

Features and benefits of GTM’s marketplace include:

Ability to quickly list new products for trading, in support of underserved products and markets. Flexible solutions, including broker-only trading, bi-lateral trading, and trading through a central limit order book. Innovative risk management solutions. It is no surprise that the pilot is for Philippine energy contracts. The GTM Leadership team has deep ties to the region and developed a deep understanding of the market and its unique difficulties.

“We are excited to launch our pilot in support of the Philippines. We know that bringing transparency and price discovery to Philippines energy will help to reduce the price volatility that Filipinos experience,” says John Knorring, CEO of Green Tiger Markets. “It will also give wholesale producers and consumers of electricity the tools to better manage their price risk and their investment in existing and new generation capacity.”

Mr. Knorring also noted that GTM is working on a Singapore Renewable energy contract as the firm’s next market.

If you are interested in joining the pilot or want to learn more, please contact Matthew Kelber at [email protected].

About Green Tiger Markets: Green Tiger Markets (GTM) develops and operates derivatives marketplaces that facilitate the forward hedging of price on a financial basis. Marketplace participants buy or sell Forward contracts with other participants who have opposing price risk management needs.

GTM’s mission is to support the growth and development of underserved markets through transparency and price discovery. In support of this mission, GTM built an innovative and flexible proprietary platform that allows new products to be launched quickly and the market to be configured based on the needs of the market participants.