Market Spotlight

Green Tiger Markets Sponsors Bulig Financial Literacy Course for Philippines Public School Students
Green Tiger Markets Pte Ltd and Project School Textblast launched the Bulig Financial Literacy Course for Year 12 students yesterday. Students from 20 public schools on Mindanao island of the Philippines will receive training through SMS and online videos on the key principles to managing personal finances. The program launched at Koronadal National High School in Koronadal City.
Green Tiger Markets Pte Ltd Announces Partnership with SSY Futures Ltd
Green Tiger Markets Pte Ltd. (GTM) today announced its partnership with SSY Futures Ltd to act as the exclusive broker to its leading-edge, over-the-counter electricity marketplace for Philippines and Singapore electricity forwards.
Green Tiger Markets (GTM) Launches Pilot for Philippines Energy Contracts
Green Tiger Markets (GTM) today announced the launch of its pilot for its derivative marketplace platform. The pilot marketplace will allow business participants to buy and sell forward contracts for Philippines energy to hedge their price risk exposure in a simulated, “test trade” environment.
Green Tiger Markets Successfully Completes Beta Software Release
Green Tiger Markets is excited to announce the Beta software release of its proprietary software platform. GTM is a Business to Business platform that facilitates the forward hedging of electricity on a financial basis by matching platform participants who have opposing price risk management needs.
Hedging Strategies for Electricity Suppliers
Simply put, the goal of an Electricity Supplier is to maximize the return of their asset — the generation plant. To do this, they want the plant to run for as long and consistently as possible. They also want to be able to sell everything they produce at a good price. So how can a business-to-business platform that facilitates the forward hedging of electricity prices help maximize returns?
How to Lower Electricity Costs for All Filipinos
It has been widely reported that the cost of electricity in the Philippines is high compared to its neighbors as well as the world as a whole. (Retrieved from Data includes all items like distribution charges, energy costs, environmental and fuel costs, and taxes)
Benefits of a Forward Electricity Market for Industrial and Commercial Consumers-Green Tiger Markets
November 3, 2020
Green Tiger Markets, or GTM, created this video as an overview of the benefits of a forward market for electricity in the Philippines can help large industrial and commercial consumers by reducing the uncertainty of future electricity expenses and freeing up capital for growth.