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In Singapore, the currently available tools for the electricity industry are insufficient for transferring price risk. Electricity market players do not have easy access to products for managing price risk during the times when energy usage is at its highest or for shorter term hedging and asset optimization.

Our platform provides new risk management tools to provide greater flexibility for hedging energy price risk on a forward basis.


In the Philippines, electricity players can either enter into bilateral long term physical electricity supply arrangements or run the risks of transacting in the highly volatile spot market. Either option can become expensive and inefficient on an ongoing basis. There is no transparent forward hedging market for effective management of price risk.

Our focus is on bridging the gap between long term bilateral arrangements and the unpredictability of the spot market. Our platform provides risk management tools and analytics support to enable market participants to hedge their spot market exposure on an ongoing basis.

At GTM, our platform is built with the latest technology to provide flexible solutions that fit the needs of the market and the product. Our platform can be configured for broker-only trading, bi-lateral trading, as well as trading through an open and transparent central limit order book.

Without an effective forward market for electricity with products driven by the needs of the whole market, it is difficult to efficiently manage, hedge or transfer forward price risk.
Forward Prices are Obscure
  • Companies hold excess capital reserves against uncertainty.
  • Investors become reluctant to commit to new projects.
  • Underwriters see greater the risks in lending.
  • Economic growth is undermined.
With a Derivatives Marketplace:
Forward Prices are Transparent

Producers, consumers and their intermediaries can efficiently allocate resources, facilitate the accumulation of capital and the production of goods and services.

When Forward Prices Are High

(Expected demand is greater than expected supply) Capital flows into the market to add generation capacity to take advantage of strong margins.

When Forward Prices Are Low

(Expected supply is greater than expected demand) Capital flows into the market to add manufacturing capacity to consume favorably priced electricity.


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